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Peterson believes Dion - Sanders (Deion Sanders) and Barry - Sanders (Barry Sanders) is the greatest in the history of the two players, but he also admitted that if more than Brown, "I'm quite bad for the knowledge of the history of the nfl jerseys." and Rice still out of reach, then, Peterson still have a chance to catch up with two Saunders. Even last season, missed 15 games, Peterson rushed the ball a few (10,190 yards) yards, rushed the ball up the number (86 times) array and each red ball advance yardage rankings during the first eight seasons of all the players in the top ten.

Cook in the early novel season, because the route running comparison monotonous shape is small, causing the time and roles he present on the field, and the ball is also mainly short-range. Subsequently, Cook has been paying attention to the training of the route, but when it is getting better and better, it has encountered a finger fracture, but has to regret the 2014 season. This year's snap-in Kuxus has been with the team's core four-point guards in San Diego to cultivate more tacitacies. In addition, he also took the time to take over the steel man's star, Antonio Brown, and took the experience of Steve Smith (Steve Smith.jr) from the same figure, Stem Smith. .

Witten said that although Romo left but he would keep the team's attention, "Just like I have told you, I will stay wholeheartedly, go all out, if I think about retirement, I am too selfish. I know all the development of all. "

In the game, Fitzgerald took the ball to push 176 yards and won 1 time. He is also in the era of super bowls, the only player who has brought more than 150 yards in three playoffs. After defeating the package, the red scitch will continue to advance under the leadership of Fitzgerad.

Witten said: "Tony is the first person to say," Don't care what happened last year. "Say season, he chooses to retire to become the host, you will feel that all this is very fast, I always appreciate those people who can start a new chapter of their own life."

Peterson thinks he has just entered a career peak in the next five or six years of his performance and be able to maintain the same level of the years 2009-2013. He recently predicted that he could remain "a high level of performance" Until 36 or 37 years old, which would be unprecedented.

In the overtime game, Fitzgerad completed 75 yards to promote, and then received a short pass to complete the reach, killing the game. Carson Palmer said: "This is shocking." Talking about the last Dalong, the head coach Bruce - Arians said: "We have practiced 18 Week, finally used this tactics when it was correct. "

Peterson is considered to be the player of his generation's most dominant running back, he considers himself with the third highest in the history of averaging the number of red balls code had "no doubt" will be the Hall of Fame.

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian - Peterson (Adrian Peterson) Once he put his confidence not only established as the best running back in the history, but the history of the "best player" he will be able to join the Hall of Fame legend of these middle.

49 people's next junction, the coordinator finally saga
The new San Francisco 49 team coach Jim-Tom Sula (Jim Tomsula) did not guide the experience of attack, so the offensive coordinator is an important importance to the 49 people, and its personnel will finalize the water.

Fitzgerald legendary career
In the face of the anti-fall of the Green Bay package, Arizona red squash took the Larry Fitzgerald, this legendary veteran almost lesdress the victory in Arizona in the overtime. Although the packaging workers quad-bonard Alon Rogers completed the long pass in the regular season, they were brought into addition, but in the end he was defeated by another legend.

According to local reporters, it is very promising to be a next season's offensive coordinator in four-year-old coaches. Since Tom Sula has already spent a long time to find his coordinator, see Christine is not the main candidate of this location. The former chute of Cliffland Brown coach Rob Chudzinski and Lenne Kiffin, University of Alabama, is overwheet.

Christ, Jim Harbaugh, who has also participated in the team in the Red District in several years, including some of the 49 people in 2012 with nearly Termarer - wearing Vernon Davids finally got a classic scene of the New Orleans Saint.

Peterson: self-confidence to enter the Hall of Fame is the best ever goal
Most will be for the best player in cheap nfl jerseys from china history from Jim ranking - beginning Taylor (Lawrence Taylor) - Brown (Jim Brown), Jerry - Rice (Jerry Rice) and Lawrence.

One potential problem is whether the Hall of Fame selection committee will result in Peterson was suspended for "abuse" in 15 games last season, have concerns. "Oh, no," Peterson told the media. "I confess to you straight, I feel like even if I do not play the game in the next life, I have the opportunity now Hall of Fame. I think it will not be me how people remember what influence, because in the end, the game performance is still the most important concern is your performance on the field. I think Minnesota fans will remember more performance on the pitch because it was the home team, but I think it's I did not want to influence you so much. I think it will not cause too bad consequences. "