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Any child can become a victim here, but as a parent, there are some things you can do to protect your kids. We will need to start out with age appropriate topics and as they get older discuss things more in detail. The example we set as parents, aunts, uncles and friends will determine how our sons will treat their future girlfriends or wives and families. Do we want our kids learning about sex from their friends? If we lead with this behavior in our homes, you might be amazed at how kids pick up on this and begin to treat their friends. Can your kids identify questions from others that might be red flags, such as "where do you live? " "Where do you go to school? " "What are your parents names? It is important for parents to communicate sex and related topics to their children. 1. Self-image- How children perceive themselves. 2. Relationships - How children see their relationships with others. My life points to an unhealthy self-image, relationships I had didn’t seem to work out, and I was clueless about sex. I truly wish I had had a mentor in my life that knew about these things and had the heart to teach a young child about relationships and sex

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