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Rams running back Geer Li determine miss the first week of competition
Injury recovery uncertainty may make appearances in doubt, and on Saturday, running back Todd - Geer Li (Todd Gurley) was officially determined not played in the first week of the race.

Matthewas is the eagle 2014 2 round show, last year, traded to Bill last year, in exchange for Ronald Darby. He fought in Buffalo, completed 25 battles, pushed 282 yards, achieved 1 reached, and then entered the injury reserve list.

Eagle coach said it is considering signing Jamal Charles
Tuesday, Tuesday, Kansas chieys did not accidentally cut their old, Jamaal Charles. This decision is to help the team salary a salary space for 6 million US dollars.

Doug Pederson once a chief offensive coordinator, in the US Time, revealing the eagle on Wednesday, may try to get Charles, he said: "I personally stayed in the chief for 3 years, I think Charles is great. Run Guard. He is part of the part we need to increase. We will score him, just do the same as our players, then make a decision. "

Olsen's foot fractures in the black panther and Buffalo Bill on Wednesday, Monday. This professional bowl player can be activated Cheap jerseys from China the injury reserved list after eight weeks, and his expected rehabilitation time is 6 to 8 weeks.

The crow is approaching or not before the game will decide before the game.
The three Baltimore's first players were included in the list of suspicions, but near-Termary Owen-Daniels was the biggest problem of Sunday night on the steel people in the strait Pittsburgh.

Pederson also revealed that Durlen Sproles will return next season, do their own third gear, and return to the attack, but he can't solve the team's first and second gear. The problem of the ball of the ball, and Ryan Mathews although not excluded by the team, he has been fighting with health problems, compared to the health of Charles at least the top of the league.

The proximal edue - Olsen is expected to be missed 6 to 8 weeks
The black Leopard is officially adjacent to Greg Olsen to the injury reserve list, which is expected to return to the second half of the season.

The latest news is that Newton will start training in the near future, perhaps in the middle of the season can be back on the track, if the body back to health when Newton, Alan Rivera is still the choice as a starter, that is Newton's career to dark moments. If the Panthers to sell Newton, the league will have more than ten teams would be interested in Newton, Newton and Rivera Does this mean that the success of mentoring is about to split it?

Finally, and most important, though often defense group was hit, but the team has so far completed the second most league 15 turnovers, second in the league contains more than nine steals and fourth in the league six times more than the manufacturing off the ball ball conversion, excellent ability to let the opponent make mistakes pay the price.

This decision is not surprising, the team has been careful to treat Geer Li is recovering from a torn anterior cruciate ligament in the knee. 6 feet 1 inch tall, weighing 227 lbs Geer Li has not been out of the field in any NFL game. When the Rams so he staged the first show is still unknown.

The defensive end of Chris Canty and the striker yanda also included the list of questions, although the two were involved in Friday, Candy was infected with the wrist wound. Oblorating the past four games. "In general, I feel very good and very healthy", Candi said, "I think the coach feels that I have a good recovery, I hope that I have the opportunity to do a power for the team on Sunday."

As for the running back in the game lineup for Fisher Terre - Mason (Tre Mason) appearance may be more optimistic about the second-year running back injured a hamstring in training shortly before. "Well Trey situation," Fisher said Saturday. "He received two courses of treatment today, he did a good job, so we'll look at the situation he was in the next week."

Of course Ivanov - Turner's offense also designed to reduce the burden of Allen, Allen's short pass McAfee goal is concentrated in the body, allowing him to maintain high success rate, and although short pass rate is not high, but in fact using a long pass rate of only 11.4%, Allen passing the real center of gravity from less than 20 yards passing in the distance, three flexible wide receiver Greg + - Olsen, continuous attack from the flank, Afghanistan London just transfer the ball in place, the catcher who continue to promote the effect may not inferior to real long pass.

Panthers offensive front line because of injury frequently evolutions, to protect the middle reaches of the success rate of the league is not easy, plus Newton shells arm storage maintenance, the Panthers almost do not have much long pass attack, but in the short-range attack handy, a simple mccafés bit "little quick spirit" is not enough, outside the three main DJ Moore took over, Curtis - the average height of less than one meter eighty Wright, though not always win the heads-up, but flexible ran - Samuel Adams and Jay Liu sometimes you can find the neutral position of the opponents defense be used, in addition to looking McAfee quarterback, second measure is no more than the usual tricks in the middle distance passing attacking midfielder and right 20 yards, the old tight end Greg - Olson grew older, a small congregation Quicking catcher became the new focus of the Panthers offense.