The Best Safe Room Door - Protects From Blast Ballilstic And Breaching

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This door options an electronic keypad on the outside that operates a deadbolt lock on the inside of the door. There is a wire that goes from the keypad to the deadbolt. The code to open the deadbolt is stored in firmware within the deadbolt field on the inside, not within the keypad. The inside deadbolt field is mounted on a rotating hard plate that is offset from the outside keypad. Drilling out the small shaft the wire goes through will miss the inside deadbolt and all other internal mechanisms. This floating arduous plate has a handle that allows you to rotated the deadbolt out of engagement with the lock bar. This is a mechanical launch that prevents you from getting trapped inside your protected room on account of electronic failure. The cam plates can not rotate unless the deadbolt retracts from a right code entered into the keypad (from the surface) or the release handle is rotated (from the inside). The 3/4″ stable steel shaft that goes by the door and hyperlinks the inside and outdoors cam handles. It is mounted in a machined steel barrel that has oil impregnated bronze bushings and a stainless steel grease fitting. This shaft has a machined shear level that may break if a cheater bar is put on the skin handle to power it open. The shear level will snap before the deadbolt provides approach. There is also a shoulder machined on the shaft that prevents punching out the remaining part of the shaft after it shears off.